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Pizza joints prepare for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday isn't just the biggest day of the year for football fans and TV advertiser, but also for the people who deliver hot pizzas to your doorstep.

As the San Francisco and Baltimore football teams get ready for their biggest Sunday of the season, the team at Dominos on stadium road in Mankato is also preparing for the big game.

"Pretty much all hands on deck so crank them out as fast as we can," said Neil Heinze, Domino's General Manager.

Heinze says that things really get busy right around kick-off.

"Traditionally it's always the busiest hour of the year," Heinze said. "Lots of phones ringing, the phones just light up 4 lines you know there will be probably 3 people answering phones, the Internet will go nuts with the orders coming in."

The National Restaurant Association estimates that 48 million Americans ordered takeout or delivery food during the Super Bowl last year, nearly one-third of all who watched the game.

"I ordered an extra 100 pounds of food just today," said Heinze.

Across the country Domino's says it expects to sell over 11 millions slices of pizza and 2.5 million chicken wings this Sunday alone.

"Just a flow of constant pizzas flying out of the oven," said Heinze.

 "I'll probably constantly be in and out the door taking deliveries," said delivery driver Micah Solano.

The distance from San Francisco to Baltimore is about 3000 miles. The pizza chain expects its delivery drivers to cover the equivalent of more than 300 round trips between the battling cities, which is a 50 percent increase over a typical day.

"On Super Bowl Sunday all those boxes will be gone," said Heinze.

"I'll be driving the whole time I'm sure," said Solano. "Probably over 30 or 40 deliveries in a shift."

To some, the sheer quantity of food that needs to be made fresh to order and delivered to your doorstep may sound intimidating, but Heinze says Sunday will be no Hail Mary for his team.

"You plan for it, and you know it is going to happen, you can make it happen I guess," said heinze.

And you might think with so many people ordering food there would be quite the wait for customers, but the GM of Dominos said last year on the Super Bowl Sunday, 80 percent of deliveries from local Dominos restaurants arrived at customer homes in 30 minutes or less.