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Slippery Sidewalks Send Salt Sales Soaring

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Cold temperatures and multiple rounds of snow have brought out the snow shovels and salt.

While this winter pales in comparison to usual Minnesota winters, it has been more active than last year.  This week has been particularly active.  With more snow on the way tonight and this weekend, people have started to prepare.

Justin Vossen, store manager of Arrow Ace says, "It's actually been pretty crazy.  We've sold a ton of salt actually.  I'd say last Wednesday we actually ran out"

Vossen's store sold out of salt last week, and had a shipment come in yesterday and another shipment is planned due to the high demand.

Small bags seem to be more popular as people don't want to have leftover salt, but what is left in stock is being sold.

Shovels are also being sold, but they aren't in as high demand.