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Snow A Boon to Area Businesses

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Greater Mankato Area -

After a slow start to the winter, local snow plow businesses are happy to be working.  That's after the four inches of snow we've gotten the past couple days.

This morning it was impossible to drive to work without seeing a snow plow.  While this winter still runs below average for our snowfall, it is an improvement over last year.

However, these past few mornings have been a curse as well as a blessing for snow plows, as many set their plowing threshold at two inches.  Accumulating snow these past mornings have been in the one to two inch range.

Arnie Wadekamper, owner of Arnie's Sales and Service was out since 4:00 AM.  Wadekamper states, "The ideal situation is you have approximately you know four inches of snow that way you feel like you're accomplishing something and you get it done in an adequate time."

The forecast calls for a break in the snow for now, but the possibility of snow returns for the weekend.