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Michael Caya In Court Facing 22 Felony Charges

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The North Mankato father facing 22 felony counts including drug and weapons charges is back in court today. Authorities say when they first searched 29–year–old Michael Caya's house they found guns, ammunition, and drugs lying around the home within reach of his two young children.

During his rule eight hearing his defense attorney Allen Eskens said they are still in the discovery stage, so the judge set the next court date for February 19th. Eskens says, "The next step is to review those reports in light of constitutional issues to see if there is any challenges and if there are bring those challenges to the court and let the court decide them."

According to the criminal complaint, police searched his residence on January 20th finding meth and more than 30 boxes of ammunition. During an interview Caya told police he had purchased the guns because he believed the world was going to end. Caya is currently in custody.