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Fuel Theft in Waseca County

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Authorities in Waseca County say thieves made off with as much as 150 gallons of diesel fuel from a farmyard tank. 
The Waseca County Sheriff's Office says the theft took place sometime yesterday afternoon north of Janesville.

They believe two farmhouses were hit, but one of the tanks was empty.

And Sheriff Brad Milbrath says it's a tough crime to catch.
Sheriff Milbrath says, "Right now we have nothing. We're just seeing what's going to happen and somebody's going to start talking or not, and go from there."

Milbrath says that people can protect themselves by buying gas cap locks and installing cameras to catch the thieves in the act.

Also well lit yards, and maybe even a barking dog to ward off potential gas thieves.

Because apparently, it's a sophisticated operation.

Sheriff Milbrath says, "We have intelligence from the past where people will convert a pickup truck and put a fuel tank that lays down below the bed and they're able to transfer fuel back and forth."

And with gas jumping fifty cents a gallon in the past month, some extra protection may be extra necessary.

Sheriff Milbrath says, "The cost of fuel going up would be a good reason why some people are doing it. Some people just don't want to pay for fuel and they want to go steal it."