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Learning On The Ice

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WASECA, Minn. -

Kids in Waseca County were on the ice on Clear Lake to learn some history and some safety.

The Waseca County Historical Society hosted the event in partnership with Farm America and Acorn Productions about how Minnesotans survived winters by using resources from the lake.

Clear Lake's ice was about fifteen inches thick where the activities were held.

Joan Mooney from the Waseca County Historical Society said, "It's having the living history experience of actually being able to harvest ice like they did in the 1800's."

Children were cutting the ice out of the lake, storing it in an icehouse, insulating the ice with saw dust, and using tools appropriate for the times.  The plan is to open the ice house in July to see if the ice is preserved.

While on the ice, students also learned ice safety.  Scott Roemhildt from the Minnesota DNR and acting as a logger for the kids said, "Being out on the ice in the winter is a part of being a Minnesotan.  And one of the things we are doing here is teaching that to the kids, you know, safe depths of ice, what to do in the event you go through the ice, and how to prevent those tragedies from happening."

Students learned how to use tools in the event they went through the ice and even saw a demonstration by rescuers.