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North Mankato Approves New Well

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North Mankato City Council decided Monday on a need for a new well.

The preliminary approval for $1.35 million would go to a new well to be built near Caswell Park.

North Mankato already has two existing wells that can handle the load that the population puts on them, but the new well would be built as a long term precaution.

Officials say if the population keeps growing at its current rate, the back up system may not be enough by 2020.

"This will be a two phase project over the course of two years.  The first year would consist of just drilling the well, which may take upwards of a month.  The following year we would come back with a building and the equipment to run the well," says Interim City Manager Mike Fischer.

The new well would provide capacity of 1,100 gallons per minute from the Mt. Simon Aquifer, over 800 feet below ground.