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Marigold Gives It Another Go Around

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Developers behind the rejected Marigold apartment complex in lower North Mankato are back with a scaled-down version.

The North Mankato City Council voted 3-2 to reject a six story, 108 unit complex back in December.

The new plan, which found a positive reception at a Port Authority meeting yesterday, will only be four stories tall, though details on the exact number of units have yet to be worked out.

Matt Atwood, who's working on the project says, "Everyone's best interests are constantly being weighed and that's one of the things I applaud the owner for. He's not some big-wig from the Cities or Chicago that's going to come in, plop a development down, and leave. He really wants to make sure that he's taking everybody's best interests at heart, and he's done a great job of that."

The project will try for approval a second time from the Council later this year.

Those who opposed the previous version told News 12 today that they feel the updated version may still be in violation of city code, but are holding off judgment until more details come out.

Atwood says, "We have a beautiful downtown area here in Mankato, and we're hoping to do the same thing for lower North. Even though some of the residents may be concerned now, I truly believe they will only see a benefit as a hundred new neighbors move in and they get to know them."