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Manhunt Underway for Former Cop in LA

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A manhunt is under way across southern California for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected of shooting several police officers overnight. He is also a suspect in a double-murder that happened earlier this week.  Police officers in nine southern California counties are on high alert. They consider themselves possible targets of a former Los Angeles police officer suspected in two overnight shootings. One police officer was shot and killed in Riverside, an hour east of Los Angeles, while another was seriously injured.  Investigators have been here all morning collecting evidence. Even at this crime scene, police are at the ready with their rifles out. Police say Dorner also shot at two officers in the city of Corona this morning. The officers were on a special assignment to provide security for police officials who were mentioned in Dorner's manifesto. The officers were following Dorner in their patrol car, when they say he got out of his pickup truck and opened fire with a rifle. Dorner is also suspected of shooting and killing a college basketball coach, and her fiance in a parking garage on Sunday night. The father of coach Monica Quan, represented Dorner in front of a disciplinary board before Dorner was dismissed from the LAPD for making false statements. Dorner's former LAPD badge and ID were found near the airport in San Diego this morning.