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Winter Storm Slamming Into Northeast

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A potentially historic winter storm is slamming the Northeast. Blizzard warnings are in effect from New York City to Maine. Some parts of New England could get 3 feet of snow, and 75 mile per hour winds. The first flakes started falling in New Jersey around 6am. New York City joggers and dog walkers took the Friday morning flurries in stride, but by tomorrow - Manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow.  If it gets crazy stay in, if not, keep moving, that's how New York is. Parts of New York and New Jersey that are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy are bracing for powerful winds and storm surge. Hundreds of plow trucks are ready to spread 250-thousand tons of salt on city streets, and roadways. Here in Hartford, Connecticut, people are preparing for 2 feet of snow. Power outages are a major concern because hurricane force winds are expected to hit this city. This Home Depot in Manchester, Connecticut was busy this morning. People are stocking up on salt, flash lights, and other storm supplies.  Amtrak trains will stop running between New York and Boston this afternoon and Many airports across New England are shutting down canceling thousands of flights.