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Mankato Officials: Remember Rules of Snow Emergency

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MANKATO, Minn. -

With our impending severe weather, the conditions could be right for a snow emergency.

The city of Mankato hasn't called a snow emergency in two years; so you may need a refresher on the rules.

If the conditions get bad enough for a snow emergency, the city will announce when it begins and ends. During a snow emergency there is no parking on Mankato streets, with a few exceptions.

If you do park on the street, you will be ticketed and towed.

Mankato usually calls a snow emergency when we get over three inches so streets can be removed quickly and efficiently.

Director of Public Works Mark Knoff said, "That's difficult to do when cars are parked out there, I leaved usually large windrows out there when they have to plow around the cars and en they have to come out their later which is really inefficient."

Parking is allowed in yards, and temporary parking is available downtown at no cost in parking ramps.

Drivers can also park on streets marked "seasonal no parking."

If a snow emergency is called, you well get the latest information at News 12 or the city's website. You can also sign up on the city's website to receive snow emergency alerts.