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MnDOT Prepares for Impending Storm

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MANKATO, Minn. -

With everything from rain and sleet to snow and wind forecasted to hit the area this weekend, those in charge of keeping the roads safe are preparing for a long weekend.

Thomas Zimmerman with MnDOT Operations said, "We have been preparing all day. Getting all our trucks ready. They are being checked over ,the cutting edge is being changed, the grease jobs, the oils changes, all the repairs that can be done on the equipment are being done."

The challenge will be dealing with such a variety of weather in one storm.

Zimmerman said, "It's a matter keeping an eye on the forecast and knowing we may need to go from chemical, treating a lot of roads with chemicals to full-on plowing.

Deciding the course of action can be a gamble.

For instance, pre–treating the roads helps crews get ahead of the weather, but if it ends up raining everything gets washed off the road and is a total waste.

Zimmerman said, "It's kind of a dance with these forecasts."

Not to mention the Mankato district runs from the border of SD all the way over to Waseca and along HWY 13—covering 3,300 lane miles.

"There is a line out there, on one side of the line we are on a blizzard watch, a potentially blizzard warning with zero visibility we could be potentially advising no travel, God help us maybe even closing roads and on the other side it could stay all rain," Zimmerman said.

All they can do is keep an eye on the weather, and have plenty of people ready to hit the road.

Zimmerman said, "We will probably rolling 80–83 trucks, if the conditions call for it."

And no matter how many trucks are out clearing the roads, MnDOT reminds drivers to also take their own safety precautions.

Zimmerman said, "If you don't need to travel in these bad storms, don't travel."