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Bock Fest

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Walking in boots, coats, and unique costumes down the long road to Bock Fest is a bit of a hike. But Blockiest attendees say the walk is worth it. Ashton Pollreizs says, "It's fun it's a tradition. People live for this."

President of the brewery Ted Marti says the reason the festival is so popular should be obvious. Marti says, "We're from Minnesota and people love to be outside in the winter and be tough and have a drink of beer or two."

Collecting cups at his first Blockiest Eric Lovelady drove here from Iowa. Lovelady says, "It was at least 3 hours and don't know exactly the distance but its well worth it."

Pam Harbarth says you don't have to drink beer at the brewery to have a great time. Harbarth says, "The people watching is incredible and everybody is super nice."

But Sarah Almann says it wouldn't be bock fest without a burnt beer. Almann says, "Its like Carmel and wood. I don't know how to explain it."

Between the music, the great Bock Hunt, and a bit of beer, Joe Cruz says nothing beats Bock Fest. Cruz says, "Well I had a kid and I got married."

Well, almost nothing. Cruz says, "So yeah after having kids and getting married, Blockiest."