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News 12 on-board as MNDOT plow drivers clear roads around Redwood Falls

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Redwood Falls got a sizable amount of snow on Sunday. The area was one of the hardest hit as a result of the storm..

Loading his snowplow with salt and sand, MNDOT plow driver Roger Boettger's seen his share of big blizzards.

"There's been times when you haven't been able to see the front end of the plow," said Boettger.

On days like this, his ten plus years of experience are put to the test.

"Drive really slow, cross your fingers... find out how good you know your road," said Boettger.

The five plus inches of snow make the ride a bit bumpy.

"Hang on big bump," Boettger said.

"Well its surprising that I haven't heard any comments about anybody being in the ditch yet," said MNDOT plow supervisor Bruce Schueter.

Having a full fleet out since 6 A.M. Schueter says having the storm on a Sunday and knowing about it well in advance made many Minnesotan's take a snow day today.

But even with few wheels winding down the roads, Boettger says many motorists trail his truck too close behind his truck.

"Somebody could get hurt. And that's usually the person in the car," said Boettger. "People think they got four-wheel drive and can go through anything."

When driving behind a plow Boettger says it's important to remember if you can't see the plow's mirrors, the driver can't see you.