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Mankato plow crews staying on top of the storm

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If you live in the Mankato area, you dealt with a lot of slush as the storm front moved through.

Residents stayed busy clearing their sidewalks off and brushing their cars clean of snow.

As far as clearing city streets, Mankato plows started at 5:00 Sunday morning with 7 trucks. Officials say they bumped up their staff to 24 plows at 4:00 Sunday afternoon.

"Pretty much just slushy; salt's working really well today with the temperatures like they are," said Jim Braunshausen," Mankato Street Department superintendent. "We're just in really good shape as far as our major arterials are right now."

Mankato city officials are also asking residents to relocate their vehicles from the street in an effort to get roadways clear of snow.

"And every residential street in town should be cleared by midnight, that provided we don't get any more (snow)." said Braunshausen.

When you see plows on city streets, you are asked to keep a distance of at least 50 feet.