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Fun In The Snow

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The snow may have made the roads slippery, but it wasn't all bad news.

Kids flocked to the hill near Sibley Park to try out their sleds.  The snow that had fallen in the late morning was a heavy snow, which slowed down the riders a little bit, but the slope is so steep that the kids still went downhill pretty fast.

Claire, Gannon, Rylie, and Ava were just a few of the kids that were at the sledding hill.  Ava's favorite part of sledding are the jumps, "It's fun going over the jumps and going down really fast."  Gannon said that your speed depends on your type of sled, "Well it kind of depends on what kinds of sleds you have."  Claire was a big fan of her green saucer, "Because it goes backwards and its pretty scary and I like scary stuff" said Claire.

But the white stuff did make for good packing snow, and many snowball fights ensued as a result.  "It's really sticky and like it sticks together and you can throw it" says Rylie.

With temperatures in the mid 30's, climbing back up the hill was hard work, but the thrill of going back down the slope made it all worth it.