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Northeast U.S. digging out from 'Snowstorm 2013'

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More than 300,00 people still have no power after the blizzard of 2013 slammed the Northeast.

Millions are digging out including the residents of Hamden, Connecticut where 40 inches of snow fell. Nearly half the roads in Hamden, Connecticut are still impassable. Thomas Rossler is clearing more than three feet of snow from around his home.

"There's a lot of roads around here they haven't even touched yet," Rossler said. "People can't get out."

Some residents believe the town should have been more prepared.

"Well, there is a time where, as prepared as you are, Mother Nature deals you a card that you cannot manage, and that is the case with this storm," said Mayor Scott Jackson of the City of Hamden.

In New Britain. trucks are carrying snow out of the city and dumping it in a field. Workers have been at this since about 10:00 Sunday morning and they say they won't be finished until the early morning hours. One crew expects to make about 100 trips before the job is done.

Transportation officials across the northeast hope to have most of the mass transit operations up and running for Monday morning's rush hour