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Dayton, Walz Rally for DFL Candidate Johnson in 19A

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Low-turnout special elections are tough to predict, and without President Obama at the top of the ticket or the gay marriage amendment to bring in impassioned gay marriage supporters, DFL nominee Clark Johnson is bringing in the big guns.
Rep. Tim Walz says, "It's [about] getting beyond this fever that the dead end of politics, the either/or, this or that, there's no compromises, there's no middle ground and there's no vision for the future. Well, I can tell you came here tonight to hear someone who has a vision of the future. The politics of the possible."
Megan Nelson of the Gustavus College Democrats says, "The election is the second day of class, so it's extremely important to get to the students right away now that they're back."

To help ignite that push, Johnson didn't hold back, advocating for the Legislature to legalize gay marriage.
19A DFL candidate Clark Johnson says, "I think there's a very unique and very special opportunity in this session for us to vote 'yes' on marriage equality."

The politics are certainly ambitious, as St. Paul looks for a big increase on taxes, and big increases in education funding after a decade of Republican control of the governor's office, and of the last two years in the Legislature.