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Chance To Be Part of Gage's Lasting Legacy

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Gage Complex on the campus of MSU Mankato will be torn down this summer, and Alumni Relations is commemorating the event.

50,000 students have called the twelve story towers home since they opened in the 1960's.  To remember the building that so many shared memories in, Alumni Relations is selling the mailboxes from the building.  626 mailboxes, one from every room, will be sold to alumni for $15 each.  The money will go to a scholarship for legacy students, who had family attend the University.

"That's really a great way to keep the pride up and keep people sharing the memories of Minnesota State, so that's a great way to reward those students," says Director of Alumni Relations Jennifer Myers.

Many have fond memories of the building, one couple even named their child Gage.

If you are an alumnus and would like to purchase a mailbox, please call 507-389-1515 or email

150 mailboxes have already been purchased.