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The Golden Apple Equation

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ST. CLAIR, Minn. -

Here's a word problem for you.  What does a winning attitude, math skills and a pizza party add up to? Our latest Golden Apple winner, a very deserving teacher from St. Clair High School.

Meet Jason Anderson.  Baseball coach, assistant football coach, history buff, and high school math teacher.  A man who likes math due to its logic, he shares that enthusiasm with his students.

He likes math because it has "The ability to make you think, it just teaches you to be a better thinker" Anderson says.  He deeply cares about his students and their success, so much so that he hosts study parties at school the night before tests, sacrificing his time to make sure his students have a thorough understanding.

"I mean they are willing to come in at 8:00 at night and go to 11:00 at night to study for a test, that means they really do care, so that makes me want to try even harder" Anderson says.

Today was review day for their next test. Helping whenever asked; he lets them work in groups to solve their calculus problems together.

Encouraging students to strive to do their best in high level math is always difficult, especially in a small school, but Anderson has proven to his students that he is committed to them.  Anderson says, "If you are engaged with them, they tend to be engaged with you and if you care about them and show them you care, they will respond."

Deeply humbled, but very deserving, congratulations Jason Anderson on your Golden Apple Award.