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New Ulm doctor accused of stealing pain medication

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

A New Ulm physician is facing three felony, controlled-substance charges.

Doctor David Miller of New Ulm is accused of stealing pain medication from a vulnerable adult. Now police are trying to determine if there could be more victims.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Brown County, authorities say Dr. Miller is believed to have taken narcotic pain medication from a vulnerable adult. Police say thus far, they believe Miller stole anywhere from 50-60 pills.

"Through the course of the investigation, we were able to set up some hidden surveillance cameras," said Investigator Jeff Hohensee of the New Ulm Police Department.

Police say 59-year-old Miller pocketed Oxycontin from a vulnerable adult and then tried to cover it up by putting over-the-counter drugs into the pill bottle.

Officials say Doctor Miller was captured on hidden surveillance stealing pills.

"We basically set up a scenario, and watched it play out where Doctor Miller showed up...he went to meet with the patient, and ended up that when he left, there were pills that were removed from the patient, and that were found on him," said Hohensee.

The Brown County jail administrator says Miller was transported to detox in Albert Lea, and staff at New Ulm Medical Center say Miller is still employed by New Ulm Medical Center.

A statement released by New Ulm Medical Center states: "At this point we are still gathering information on the charges and any follow-up by NUMC will be handled internally and confidentially."

Hohensee of the New Ulm Police Department says Miller's case involving Oxycontin is part of a drug problem that's not backing down.

"It's really synthesized heroin," said Hohensee as he referenced Oxycontin. "We see a lot more heroin coming into the narcotics scene no, and as a result there's more Oxycontin abuse."

Police say they're still investigating Miller to determine if there are more victims. Authorities also told News 12 they plan to investigate Miller's case further to determine if any theft of meds occurred at the local hospital.