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Students & Educators Approve of Obama's "College Scorecard."

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Choosing a college can be difficult, Madelia High School senior Haley Simpson knows this far too well.

Simpson says, "To go to each website and each campus and visit, it's just a stressful process. My number one option is San Diego State; I also got accepted to Hamline and St. Thomas and the U of M."

Not to mention MSU, University if Iowa, Iowa state, DePaul University, then hopefully law school after that.

Simpson says, "There are a lot of them to go through and lot of them to weed out."

And at the center of that decision for Simpson and most other college hopefuls is cost.

Simpson says, "There is no point in spending more money when you don't have to."

In his state of the union speech, President Obama promised to make the decision process less painful for seniors like Simpson with "College Scorecard," a website to make it easy to compare cost and value of institutions. We decided to test it out.

The page takes a second to load and then Simpson says, "Oh wow."

With just the click of a mouse Simpson can find tuition cost, graduation rates, and more.

Simpson says, "It's really helpful it's everything on one place."

How long would it have took Simpson to find all that information usually?

Simpson says, "Like a half an hour probably, because you have to go to like separate pages and separate areas on their websites to find all this information."

There is no question what verdict this one–day lawyer has reached about the site. Now what about college officials?

David Jones with MSU Student Affairs & Enrollment Management says, "The ability to compare and look at schools is huge, it will really help families to make a smart decision"

Jones says helping students sort through gimmicks and find the facts can also be a positive for schools.

Jones says, "This brings us down to a level playing field among all the institutions, that is why it is especially usefully for MSU Mankato, because you can see we score particularly well on this national measure."

Choosing a college is never easy, but now, maybe easier.

Click "College Scorecard," to check out the website.