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Mankato Couple Celebrates 50 Years of Marriage

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Jan Langer isn't one to frequent the salon, but there are some things worth preparing for.

Jan Langer says, "I need a pedicure for the sexy shoes I bought for my 50th anniversary this Saturday."

They tied the knot just two days after Valentine's Day in 1963. And the love of her life for the past 50 years can still almost bring her to tears.

Jan Langer says, "When we were saying our vows I very clearly remember them and very conscious that it was for better or for worse because you have both in your marriage and you make it through."

In the past five decades there have been some ups and downs. Jan's husband Max suffered a stroke 8 years ago but despite the challenges they have kept a positive outlook on life and their marriage.

Jan Langer says, "Whenever you are life isn't going to be perfect but getting all the joy out of every single day is the important thing."

Max Langer says, "I agree with her."

A milestone that's being recognized by all the people they care about.

So on a holiday devoted to love what's their secret to keeping it last?

Jan Langer says, "It's a lot of forgiving and taking things as it come and the good and the bad. But there's been a lot of good. Beautiful grandchild, daughter in laws. We are very blessed."

Max Langer says, "My favorite thing about my wife, she has a good sense of humor."

Jan Langer says, "And I was just going to say he laughs at my."

And when it comes to celebrating this Holiday... Max says it best.

Max Langer says, "The true meaning of Valentine's Day is not the cards and candy so much but it's honoring the ones you are close to."