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Remembering Jeff Haefner - the 'Voice' of KEYC

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Sad news from the KEYC family.

Jeff Haefner, who worked behind the scenes at KEYC for almost 36 years, passed away last weekend.

And if the name doesn't ring a bell, the voice will.

Whether you were just waking up, or maybe during a commercial break... Jeff was the KEYC personality most people never saw.

But in addition to that unique voice, viewers did see Jeff's handiwork on our newscasts, Bandwagon and 'I Believe in Miracles'... all shows he directed over the years.

But that voice also served as a mentor, a leader and a father figure to countless reporters, anchors and crewmembers who came through Channel 12 over the years... keeping our egos in check and showing us the definition of 'cool under pressure.'

Jeff passed away Saturday at the age of 57.

All of us here... and the many who moved on over the years... will never forget him.