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Meteorite Strikes Rural Russia, Hundreds Injured

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Incredible video out of Russia where a meteor exploded above a rural area, injuring nearly a thousand people.

The meteor exploded over a small Russian town and caused a shockwave, shattering windows that injured hundreds.  The local hospital was filled with some of the wounded.

One woman's bloody arm was evidence of the damaging glass shards.  Others had cuts on their faces and heads.

The explosion rocked a mountain range about 900 miles east of Moscow in Chelyabinsk.  Cameras throughout the area caught views of the meteor as it streaked across the sky and then shattered.

Scientists say it was the size of a large bus and was traveling at least 33 thousand miles per hour.  Some fragments fell to the ground, but it's unclear if they hit anyone.

The meteor came without warning - stunning a Canadian hockey player now living in Russia.

 Michael Garnett said, "I heard this loud bang. I live in a 24 story building on the 23rd floor. All of a sudden I look up and the lights are shaking, and I hear car alarms going off. It was incredible."

A zinc factory was badly damaged- both the roof and wall collapsed.  Meteor strikes with such a large impact are rare. 

Dr. Michio Kaku, CBS News Contributor says, "These things happen every decade to centuries."

The European space agency says the meteor is not connected to the asteroid that will pass within 17,200 miles of earth later today.