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Loggerhead Turtle Swims Again With Prosthetic Fins

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A 25 year old loggerhead turtle in Japan is able to swim again after a shark attack, thanks to a pair of prosthetic fins.

Meet Yu. Her front flippers were torn to shreds five years ago after an encounter with a shark.

But with the help of researchers and a local prosthetics maker, workers at the Suma Aqualife Park were able to help her move past her injury and swim again.

The flippers are made from rubber and fixed together with a material used in diving wet suits.

But the development has not been easy.

This week Yu got her 27th pair of prosthetic fins, after previous models caused her discomfort or dropped off soon after fitting.

This new pair also slipped off soon after Yu entered the water, but workers are determined to eventually find a fitting pair to keep Yu happy in the water.