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Visitors Explore Minneopa on Snowshoe Hike

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MANKATO, Minn. -

With cold temperatures and frozen, snowy ground you may think hiking is out of the question, but the folks at Minneopa State Park thought otherwise. 

A Saturday afternoon snowshoe hike gave visitors the opportunity to embrace the season's natural environment and explore the snow–covered terrain of the park.

Minneopa Area Naturalist Scott Kudelka says, "The thing about Minneopa, we have trails and in the summer you are contained to that because of the heavy overgrowth, but you get out here in the winter you can go everywhere you want, and it is great exercise you really work up a sweat."

If you missed out on today's hike there will be an Animal Track Snowshoe Hike next month on Saturday, March 23rd at 11 a.m.

It will be a guided snowshoe hike where visitors will get a fun chance to try and identify 15 different animal tracks.

For more information on that contact Kudelka at (507)384-8890, or go to the Minneopa State Park's website