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South Minnesota's 6-12th Grade Science And Engineering Fair

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Instead of using a handheld remote Ryan Wade wanted to see if he could turn himself into one. Competing in the regional science and engineer fair today he says it wasn't easy putting together his project. Wade says, "It's been a 6–month adventure."

But he's not the only one that's put in a lot of hours. More than 200 students grades 6 though 12th are here hoping their hard work will pay off. Student Nicolle Miller says, "The science fair is really the one that just pushes you to your limits."

Director of the southern regional science and engineering fair Shannon Fisher says today is all about giving students an opportunity to express their interests. Fisher says, "These are just amazing opportunities for these kids to learn about what's out there in the current scientific world and gives them a great opportunity to be exposed to a lot of other students working in the same areas."

Playing with the projects is a lot of fun. But most students say their favorite part of the fair is getting recognized for all the hard work they did. Wade says, "It's been a lot of fun talking to everyone and getting to explain my project.

Senior Wade says he's had a lot of fun competing in his first fair today, but says he is sad about one thing. Wade says, "I'm kind of sad because this is my first and last one."