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The Cost Of Filling Up With An RV

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Shopping for her family's first camper at River Hills Mall, Savannah Schlueter has one thing on her mind, making sure her RV has enough room for everyone in her family. Savannah says, "There would be room for everybody."

Grandfather Scott Schlueter says, "We just like being together. You know to have a 24 year old and some teenagers that actually like to be with their parents is pretty neat so we try and keep them close to do that."

But keeping them close can be hard when you're a family of ten. Father Michael Schlueter says, "We've got a large family so we want to have a lot of room."

The expandable campers provide extra room for big families and save money on fuel costs.

With a national average of $3.71 a gallon, filling up is far from free, but Keepers RV Center Owner Lisa May says gas prices haven't hurt her business as much as you'd think. May says, "People either take shorter trips or they park it at a campground and leave it for the entire season and then just go there on the weekends."

In fact in the past three–year, sales have consistently climbed. Michael Schlueter says, "She thinks everyone is her home. So far we're buying every single one."

And with quality customers like Savannah, companies like Keepers can look forward to plenty of profits on the road ahead of them. Savannah says, "Yeah, we're buying every single one."