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Town Claims to be Coldest Place on Earth

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Russia -

A small town in Russia is vying for a world title of being the coldest, inhabited place on earth.

If you think it's cold outside, think again. The Russian town of Oymyakon, deep in Siberia, regularly has temperatures dipping below sixty degrees Fahrenheit!

Oymyakon has more than five hundred people living their throughout the year, and it seems as though they are not shaken by the extreme climate.

The one and only source of heating is burning wood, and lots of it. So, logging wood is one of the best businesses to be in around town.

A sign on the road reads "Oymyakon, the pole of cold," claiming their title of coldest inhabited place on earth.

However, the record lowest temperature was registered in another Yakutian town, Verkhoyansk in 1885.

A local ethnographer argues the document is a misprint because in those days, the thermometers were not as accurate.

Winters last up to eight months in this part of the world.