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Mankato Transition Working Toward A Greener Tomorrow

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In an effort to try and reduce our nation's dependence on oil, one local organization is trying to think global and act local.

Mankato Transition is a grassroots based group focused on building a community that depends less on oil and more upon itself to get things done.  The organization stresses using local resources, tool exchanges, and time banks to rely less off peak oils.

Currently there are about 500 "Transition Towns" globally, with 100 of those in the US.  Mankato, currently listed as "Transition Initiative" would need to complete the five stages to become a "Transition Town".  They are starting out; the idea stage, deepening; designing the idea and broadening it, connecting; making the idea known, building; being energy efficient with buildings and building communities, and finally daring to dream; taking the idea and improving on it.

"The transition movement is sort of based around the principle that the heart of a community is its people, so we're really focused on is building resiliency amongst community members" says Erica Idso, Steering Committee member on Mankato Transition.

The idea of Transition towns is based off the 2003 book by David Holmgren, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

If you would like to participate, their next meeting is on February, 28 at 5:30 at Good Counsel.