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Local Organizations are Benefiting From Increased Paper Pulltabs Sales

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The electronic pull tabs industry that the state will rely on to help pay for the $975 million Vikings stadium has been slow going. However, the traditional pull tabs have been pulling in a lot of profits.

Over the past five years Minnesota has sold nearly $5 billion worth of pulltabs.

More than 900 million dollars were spent on pull tabs last year alone. Eagles gambling manager Mike Blanck says in the past 18 months he's seen a significant increase in sales.

Blanck says, "you always like to have an increase you know a certain percentage of growth from year to year and hopefully they'll continue to you know go upwards."

Although sales aren't where they were before the recession, they seem to be on the right track. Another bonus, the increase profits from his pulltabs go back out to the community through donations to various organizations like the 77 Lancers.

Lancer's Director, Brady Krusemark says, "The Lancers as an organization gives local youth the opportunity to perform and travel around Minnesota and the country and represent Mankato and that's due in part to local donations. Without them it wouldn't be possible."

Last year the Eagles Club raised more than one hundred thousand dollars from its pull tab sales to go toward charities and local organizations