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After Newtown, CT Shootings Jordan's School District Tightens Security

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Most schools in Jordan will be tightening their security in response to recent gun violence across the nation.

Starting this spring, the district will implement a screening tool that will include a joint school and police policy. The plan was initiated by Jordan's police chief, Bob Malz. Officials hope it will serve as deterrent to potential violence.
Jordan Elementary School Teacher, Stacy DeCorsey says," We know we needed to beef up security district wide and Chief Malz brought this idea to us and we are excited to partner with them."

Principal DeCorsey says she has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.
She adds that the presence of a police car outside the building and an officer on hand will help decrease response time if there is an issue.

DeCorsey says, "I do think it's a sign of the time. I think the world is changing and we need to change as well and make sure the safety of our students is our number one priority."

Jordan City Council Member, Thom Boncher says, "Nothing has happened at any level to try and stop slaughter. This is something we have to do to take care of our kids."

The cost will be around fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for the initial set-up. Officials say they don't anticipate any continuing costs associated with this initiative. A small price to pay to prevent further violence occurring in the future.