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Shining Light on Neighborhood Safety

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MANKATO, Minn. -

When night falls on Mankato, do the streetlights near your home light up?

Mankato Department of Public safety says you can play a role in neighborhood safety by reporting streetlights that are out.

The sooner staff knows, the sooner the lights can be fixed, ensuring neighborhoods remain safe and well lit after dark.

Deputy Director Matt Westermayer says, "Visibility is key to being able to watch out for your neighbors and for your neighbors to be able to watch out for you. Crooks like to work in the dark and by ensuring that our street lighting systems are working as intended we can make things harder for them."

Police say improved lighting deters potential offenders by increasing the risk that they will be seen or recognized when committing crimes.

If you see a light out in your neighborhood, you can contact staff by phone at 311, or you can report them online at the city's website using the live chat option.