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iPads pulled from Sibley East students after inappropriate content

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After being implemented this school year, Sibley East students in Gaylord had their iPads taken away.
The move happened after inappropriate content was found on one of the devices.
At the start of the school year, iPads were brought in to enhance the curriculum at Sibley East in Gaylord.
"It was really to try to prepare all of our students to gain 21st century skills as they move forward as they leave Sibley East," said Jim Amsden of Sibley East Public Schools.
But that changed when 8th-grade students had the devices pulled.
"On February 7th, we received a report that there was inappropriate content on an iPad," said Amsden.
Amsden wouldn't elaborate on what was found on the device.

The Gaylord Police Department also examined the incident.The chief declined to appear on-camera but said the material on the iPad did NOT rise to the level of criminal charges.

School officials say the internet network at the district is restricted, but outside the building, it all depends on where students use wi-fi.
"Whatever content they access on the iPad, it's still a school device--so it should remain educational."
To prevent a similar occurrence, school officials are looking at implementing more policies and restrictions.

The iPads were given back to all 8th graders less than a week after the incident was reported, and district spokespeople say the devices provide a strong boost to classroom learning.
"We're actually meeting tonight with our technology committee to start to look at, you know, what are the options that we have to make this an even better tool," said Amsden.
Sibley East students in grades 5-8 utilized iPads in the classroom.