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MnDOT Crews Prepare to hit the Roads Before Dawn

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This storm that we have been anticipating has the potential to be the largest single storm snowfall so far this winter.

Crews were spending the afternoon changing some cutting edges, checking over their trucks, to make sure their equipment is ready to go.

Supervisor Jerry Krebs says, "What they are forecasting that this snowfall could be on the dry side. If that's the case then that will blow around and create snow clouds so we want to make sure everyone is aware of that and give the plows enough room to do their job."

The crews are anticipating the storm will start later this evening. Therefore they'll be arriving at 3am to start their shift so they get a head start before commuters head to work.

MnDOT Driver, Cordell Vaske says, "We all three trucks will go out will clean town up... once town is cleaned up two of the trucks will go to I90 and Highway 15...just our routine...

A routine that come second nature to those who make our roads safe when mother nature hits.