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Children's Museum Offers One Dollar For Mass Transit Building

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The Children's Museum is looking at another potential spot for it's permanent location. With the city moving its street and transportation department to the old MNDOT facility on Victory Drive, the children's museum hopes to move into the Mankato's Mass Transit Building. Museum director Peter Olson says when they first started looking at the old building they had two main concerns: finances and if the building would accommodate the museum's vision. Olson says, "It not only accommodates the vision we've started with but to enhance it and financially renovating an existing structure is going to save a considerable amount of expense."

Museum members are still looking into expenses, but say moving into the old building instead of constructing a new one could save them as much as two million dollars. Organizers are putting together a proposal to buy the building for one dollar from Mankato's city council. If the city council approves, the permanent location could be up and running as early as July 2014.