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MSU Students Tutoring Kids For Free

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MSU student Sarah Schumacher says tutoring is about the process of learning, not just the answer. Schumacher says, "It's important to understand that not everybody learns the way you do. You have to think about different ways of teaching it."

Mother Annette VanderPlus says, "There is so many different questions I can't answer at this point. And so it's wonderful to be able to bring her here and have someone sit down with her and work her through everything."

Which is why Annette VanderPlus brings her kids to MSU's Saturday Study Buddies. Creator of the program Mymique Baxter says the program offers something for everyone in the family. Baxter says, "Enjoy yourself you know parents come in with a cup of coffee lay down on a bean bag."

And it's not all silent study sessions. Kids can do arts and crafts or stay for story time.

Seventh Grader Allison VanderPlus went to her first Saturday Study Buddies Session three months ago. She hasn't missed one since and she doesn't plan on skipping out on her Saturdays anytime soon. Allison VanderPlus says, "I hope for a long time because I really like it."

Schumacher may be the tutor, but says she's always learning new things during her sessions.  Schumacher says, "We're not afraid to admit we don't know everything. But we're not afraid to give it a shot."

They may be at different learning levels, but they're both students and ready to learn.