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Noise Complaints From Summer Concerts Addressed

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The Mankato City Council works session concentrates about noise complaints from Riverfront Park during summer concerts.
Though the council was able to reach a fairly easy agreement concerning how to go about minimizing the power of the bass.
The majority of complaints concerning concerts at Riverfront Park actually come from across the river in North Mankato - specifically the June 15th Summer Solstice concert, and the Jonny Lang concert on July 7th.

Both Mankato and North Mankato have measured the sound, and passing trucks measure a higher decibel reading the than the bands.

But it's a particular piece of the music that's causing the problems.
Mankato city manager Pat Hentges says, "Tesla, which was probably the loudest concert: two things - we had a packed house, people tight together, and the weather conditions. The body absorbs the sound, particularly the bass."

Changing the seating arrangements, along with building a berm and planting trees behind the stage, and makings sure the music ends by eleven were seen as reasonable fixes by both the Mankato Council, and the North Mankato mayor.
North Mankato Mark Dehen says, "Do the things you're talking about, absorbing the bass sound. The berms, tighter packed bodies, those kinds of things, because that's really the issue, it's not the sound - I haven't heard complaints about the music - just the bass."