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Council Pushes Children's Museum Proposal Forward

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The Mass Transit building would give the Children's Museum more space, both indoors and outdoors.

Renovating it would save two million dollars compared to a new building on Riverfront Drive.

Executive Director, Peter Olson says, "Since the mass transit building already has walls and a roof it just needs renovation.

We would save a lot of money and the Children's Museum would be open sooner."

During tonight's work session, many agreed the site would be appropriate for a future museum.

But there was some concern about fairness the city has no policy when it comes to divesting a large property like this one and there are any other nonprofits in the community that would enjoy a similar opportunity.

Council Member Considine says they should handle it base by case instead.

Council Member Frost says, "Karen is right we don't have a policy that will turn around and fit state street property and Madison Ave.

At some point we just have to weigh the merits of those things, of what's being proposed and make a decision."

Museum officials say a permanent facility in the Mass Transit location could help in the downtown revitalization efforts and help the area become more vibrant and attractive for further development.

Olson says, "We think the Children's Museum could be a key to be to seeing a lot of growth in the Sibley Parkway corridor."

At the end of the work session the council recommended City Manager, Pat Hentges to move forward with the proposal.