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Le Sueur Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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LE SUEUR, Minn. -

It's time for us to announce the next winner of the Golden Apple Award in Le Sueur where one teacher is setting the groundwork for a lifetime of education.

You may already know about St. Anne's School in Le Sueur, they made a video and put it on YouTube to the popular tune Gangnam Style by Psi and can be seen here

Our Golden Apple winner, kindergarten teacher Mary Grieves, was one of the leaders of the video.  But where she truly shines is in the classroom.  Kindergarten is a lot more than what it used to be, and has had to change to keep up with learning.  Providing a solid foundation for these young children, she is a caring person with a warm heart.

"Well I believe that kindergarten is the foundation and they need to have a good experience and so that they're happy throughout the rest of their years" says Grieves.  She really pushes her students, making sure they have a good education at a young age.  They are learning high usage words; they can read and say over 100 now.

Grieves also has them practice their writing and listening to stories.

"Mary represents St. Anne's School.  She has been here 19 years.  She was a parent here, she was a student here, and when people in the community think about St. Anne's School and they think of a face to go with St. Anne's School, it's Mary, its Mrs. Grieves" says Adam Bemmels, St. Anne's School Principal.

You can see she cares about her students and how they perform, even when her class size is larger than normal.  Humbled by the award, she praised her staff.

"Very supportive, the whole way through top to bottom" says Grieves.

Congratulations Mrs. Grieves, our newest Golden Apple winner.