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Deer Goes Through Car On Highway 169

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Faribault County, MN -

Police have released the name of a woman seriously injured after having a deer crash all the way through her car this morning.

Minnesota State Patrol says 45–year–old Catherine Treanor of Mapleton was traveling on Highway 169 in Faribault County when the accident happened.

Treanor's sedan struck a deer, which then entered through the front windshield and exited through the rear window.

After hitting the deer her vehicle spun out and struck a utility pole.

State Patrol Sergeant Jaci Sticha says, "I don't want people to get an idea that because of this incident which is a rarity when it comes to deer. They should not swerve and not hit the deer. What we want to do is we should hit the brake and get the vehicle going as slow as possible or the deer maybe gone."

Officials say if a driver swerves they will likely roll the vehicle which is incredibly dangerous. Treanor was airlifted by a Mayo helicopter to St. Mary's. Information on her condition was not available.