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Fire Fighters Train At South Central College

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And whether it's a car accident, or a LP tank, fire fighters have to be ready.South Central College Adjunct Instructor Mike Santo says, "Any amount of training they get like what we're doing today is something that you don't always get at your own department level."

Santo says most fire departments don't have the resources to do this type of training. Whether it's working with new chemicals or extricating a person out of an electric car, fire rescue consultant Bob Scheidt says as our technology evolves... so does his training. Scheidt says, "constantly ongoing. It changes from day to day."

These simulations give fire fighters a chance to try new techniques and learn from their mistakes. Scheidt says, "Doing it now is our chance to perfect our skill."

Big Falls Fire Chief Brent Arnold says, each fire is as unique as the fire fighter attacking it. Arnold says, "They're not all the same."

And while there may be more than 600 fire fighters from more than 100 different departments from around the state, they all have the same mission everyday at work. Arnold says, "Biggest thing is everybody goes home safe."