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Waseca County Humane Society Takes In Its First Horse

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Randy Soltau is no stranger to taking in animals. Soltau says, "I was up to 16 dogs at one point."

But fostering a horse is a whole other animal. Waseca County Humane Society Vice President Dede Barton says, "I think sometimes people just get in over their head and just don't realize how much isn't going to cost them."

When Brietta's owner got sick and couldn't take care of her anymore,  Dede Barton decided it was time for the organization to take in its first horse.

Barton says, "The stars aligned and we were meant to bring her here."

Barton says it should have been harder to find a foster parent for Brietta, but everything fell into place perfectly. Putting on a couple 100 pounds in less than a month, Soltau says Brietta wasn't just in need of nutrition. Barton says, "Randy has made a world's difference for this mare."

It took weeks for Brietta to let Soltau pet her. But now, even with strangers she welcomes all the love and attention she can get. Soltau says, "She'll take all the petting you can give her."

A horse may need more space and food than your typical dog or a cat, but Soltau says there is one thing that all animals need more than anything else. Soltau says, "Just a little TLC and that's just about all it takes."