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Still No Movement To End Spending Cuts

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Congress returns to work this week with no plans to reverse the $85-billion dollars in automatic government spending cuts that kicked in 3 days ago. President Obama talked about the tough road ahead as he announced he wants Sylvia Mathews Burwell to head the Office of Management and Budget. If confirmed, Burwell, who currently runs the Wal-Mart foundation will take over as budget chief as the government works to implement $85 billion dollars in across-the-board spending cuts.

President Obama reached out to Republicans over the weekend, to look for ways to reverse some of the cuts. It's not clear if the gesture helped. The old debate over taxes is still standing in the way of compromise. Democrats want a mix of tax hikes and spending cut - Republicans say they will NOT agree to any tax increase. The House is expected to vote this week on a spending plan that will keep the government funded, but lock - in many of the automatic cuts . Both Republicans and Democrats have to agree on a budget for the remainder of 2013 by the end of this month - to avoid a government shutdown.