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Remodeling New Ulm's Grand Center Hotel

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Since the construction started last fall the remodeling of the old Grand Center Hotel for New Ulm's new Grand Center For Arts and Culture has made a lot of progress. This 2.1 million dollar project includes a recording studio, a three–story elevator, and small studios for artists to work on their pieces. Executive director for the Grand Center for Arts and Culture Lisa Knaak says every community needs a place for art to thrive because it gives people a chance to connect in ways they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Knaak says, "Sometimes you'll draw towards a certain song or a certain painting because it connects you to a certain point in your life."

Knaak says the building will help nurture artists talents and give them a place to exhibit their work. Officials expect the renovations to be complete by this summer.