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MSU Receives $210K Software Gift

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MANKATO, Minn. -

What is the value of hands on experience for college students?

Well for the MSU Department of Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology students who will soon get to use some fancy new software donated to college by Transvalor Americas—over 200 grand.

Agarwal says, "They have given us 20 licenses, the annual cost of these licenses would be $210,000"

The software is called FORGE, it's purpose is to simulate metal forming operations.

Agarwal says, "It is the state of the art in engineering and engineering technology."

Dr. Kuldeep Agarwal says when it comes to making things like bevel gears, aircraft landing gears, or fan blades, the software replaces trial–and–error testing.

Agarwal says, "So before you create these dyes and these process conditions you try to simulate it in the software."

The software will provide students hands on experience in the simulation of manufacturing processes that you can't find at any other university in the state or the region.

Agarwal says, "Our students would have a lot more experience with this type of technology when they enter this workforce."

It will also help them get into the workforce in the first place.

Agarwal says, "Right now there are several hundred manufacturing jobs that are unfilled because companies are not able to find students with the right skill set this software will hopefully bridge that skill set."

The software will be incorporated into the Materials Processing II course next fall. A gift providing hands–on experience and real–world payoff.

The company will also benefit greatly from the gift; not only will student enter the workforce with experience, student research will help the company in developing the next generation of the software.

Part of the reason MSU was chosen to receive this gift, the professor used the software in his doctorate research, so he was already familiar with the program.