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Storm That Slammed Midwest, Moves East

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The late winter storm that hit the Midwest has moved into the East, where the area around the nation's capital could get up to a foot of snow. Wet snow started covering the lawn of the White House this morning. Today's daily press briefing was canceled due to the so-called "snowquester." All government offices in the nation's capital are closed. The House of Representatives moved up its votes for the week so members could try to get out of town. But flying really isn't an option. The boards at Reagan National airport showed hundreds of flights canceled. Local officials are asking people to stay off the roads so crews can get them salted and cleared.  Even a couple inches of snow is a big deal in Washington. Only 3 and a half inches total fell here in the past two winters. Leesburg, Virginia could see as much as two feet of wet, heavy snow and power outages are the main concern. Wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour are hitting Ocean City, Maryland. Flood warnings are in effect along the Atlantic Coast from Delaware to Long Island where communities are still recovering from Super Storm Sandy.