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Schell's To Expand in May

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Schell's Brewery looks to expand its facility in an effort to keep up with its ever-increasing variety of beers. 
Schell's will begin a two million dollar expansion in May, connecting the two main buildings in the alley between them.

That will make room for additional yeast, water and beer tanks, which will allow the company to stay agile switching between different productions.
Owner Ted Marti says, "There's been such an explosion in demand for new styles. Something different almost weekly (I know that's a little exaggerated). The consumer is looking for things that are new all the time, so you have to respond."

Schell's has a second, long-term expansion in mind as well.

The estimated four million dollar project will be dependent on market conditions.

And it joins a long line of good economic news for the city of New Ulm.
New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Audra Shaneman says, "We have a Menard's that's opening up on the 12th of March. Obviously Schell's good news today. Our hospital is in the middle of a $5.3 million expansion. They've hired ten new practitioners in the last 15 months."

While a restructuring at the Kraft plant looms, it AMPI and Schell's will continue. Proving that even the economy of New Ulm is robustly German.

Shaneman adds, "Two main food groups in New Ulm. Cheese and beer."