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Fairmont School District Learns How to Protect Student During Mass Shooting

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The sounds of gunshots ringing through the halls, teachers running for their lives.

Fairmont High School teacher Holly Christian says, "Your heart starts racing, my heart is still racing a little bit because you are standing in a hallway here full of staff, full of kids like it would be on a normal day and he is shooting off a gun."

It was just training, but it was meant to seem real.

"It's a terrible feeling, but you had to feel that so now you know now what to do," trainer and Strategos International Vice President Mark Warren says to faculty.

Strategos International helps churches, schools, even law enforcement know how to react in times of crisis.

Their goal is to show staff that if there is an intruder in the school, they can do more than hide.

Warren says, "The reason I make them hide and hide only I want them to feel like the grim so they will need feel like it again."

Trainers taught staff how to take an active role in protecting students. Focusing on keeping intruders out of schools and classrooms, getting innocent people out safely, and if need be, taking out the perpetrator.

Christian says, "Now you really have to start looking at what kind of door do I have, can I get it locked fast enough, how can I make them not get into my room, if they can get into my room now how am I best going to protect these kids, what do I need to do."

Trainers admit the chance of someone opening fire in a school is almost slim to none, but the school doesn't want to take the chance of not being prepared.

Superintendent Joe Brown says, "I would feel really devastated if something did happen and we didn't take the prevention and we did not train our faculty and staff."

After tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary, these teachers and school faculty may asked themselves what they would do if a gunman stormed the school, now they know.

Christian says, "As I put my self in that position with in a classroom full of kids, I'm not going to let somebody in and hurt those kids in thy classroom, I am going to do something to protect them."

And now they have the tools to put that in action.

Warren says, "So now you have been though that I guarantee if I put you in that spot gain you are not going to hesitate."